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The Crackhouse
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We are crackmonkeys.
You do not have to be a monkey to participate, but you must have one thing in common with us.
You must love all that is Crack.
You must live crack.
You must breathe crack.
You must be..
(that's right..)

Having now made our introduction, some guidelines:

1) We refuse to refer you to local crack dealers
2) We refuse to sell you crack
3) We refuse to rehabilitate you
4) We refuse to take responsibility for one or more habits you had prior to joining The Crackhouse
5) We refuse to take responsibility for one or more habits you acquire after moving into The Crackhouse
6) We refuse to adhere to gender roles, age roles, or any "accepted" stereotype put out by our supposed "mainstream society"
7) We refuse to censor ourselves at the request of others
8) We like sex. Oh boy do we like sex. Particularly when we aren't getting any. At the same time, there is a time and a place for come-ons, and though we are for the most part a highly sexual group, requests for age, gender, location, sexual identification, etc are frowned upon unless you pay REALLY WELL.
9) Many of us already know each other, both offline and through extended LJ communication.. don't be phased. Kick back and join in, or indulge in your voyeuristic fantasies, ya sicko..

Now, where were we?
Oh yes.. sign here..

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